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Control ONLY what I can

Control ONLY What I Can

As I come to terms with the second round of temporary closures affecting fitness facilities from government issued guidelines of a maximum of 10 people, I am sad to know that I won’t have my LifeTime to go to 4 x week 🙁 My sense of normal as I finish classes at home, get in my car to teach my favourite disciplines and finish with a protein smoothie in the cafe. I will miss the connection with its members as well as the financial loss from the pandemic impact. This weekend I found myself down. My head pounding since Friday, slips of the tongue on the zoom microphone TWICE in frustration🤭, and anxiety heavy in my chest. I am normally a positive person!!!…the one who inspires others to find a silver lining, but this weekend was tough. I have had to disengage for some time today to understand what I’m feeling. Soul searching for the routines in my day that bring me joy and purpose and then go on to write these things down in ritual format. Preparing myself for the conscious effort in ensuring I stay strong in body and mind; that I continue towards my vision and purpose. Thought I would share my list to benefit those that may be feeling the same way. I urge you to share yours in the comments below as well…1. Set small goals for the day (preferably in the morning with coffee). Years ago I read “The One Thing” on prioritization and productivity. Since that read, I set 3 daily goes and learn to be ok with completing just one priority item to feel productive.2. Take a hot bubble bath with essential oil epsom salts when stress is high and anxiety is heavy. 3. Enjoy a walk in the forest with my Bostons. Be present in their enjoyment of the simple things and the outdoors.4. Plan and plan to enjoy the workouts I set for the day in Fitness Junky. These Fitness Junkys have no idea how they lift my spirit daily and that our dedication to our workouts and each other are mutually beneficial. 5. Dedicate 30 minutes to quiet listening of an audio book or music that inspires me to create and build. Stay strong as we are #strongertogether#fitnessjunkymovement#fitnessjunky