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In search of my WHY today

In search of my Why today…
As I come down from the high of our Zumba class this morning, I realize how grateful I am for the opportunity to continue teaching and connect with friends and new people. Online classes are providing ALL of us with the opportunity to keep our immune system healthy, mind and body strong. It really is incredible how it fills us up and brings a sense of normality.

I think about what I’m grateful for today to bring to balance to what has also felt like chaos over the past month. My frantic effort to redefine my business, sound and visually engineer my unfinished basement, cut expenses, create choreography…I have kept myself so busy that time has passed so quickly with cortisol levels heightened to a personal best!

I’m surfacing today to breath, watch netflix with my son, walk the dogs and experience the mixed emotions that come with these unusual times. Being present with this sense of ‘down’ that I’ve been too busy to notice. Thinking finally of the people sacrificing their own health for the health of others, while I’m concerned about the volume on my Zoom class! Putting it all in perspective today. It is allowing me to be present, in search of what I can control; my Emotions, Reactions, Intentions and Vibe I share. Finding my Why, all of a sudden becomes top priority.

My Why revolves around what I give to the fitness community from instructors to members, my family and household. To consciously contribute to building healthy mindsets that are more contagious than a virus. We are truly #strongertogether. ☀️?