Fitness Junky

Today I decided…

… to be one of the most engaging instructor Trainers in the biz!

Yep, I slowed down to organize my thoughts, my schedule, my house, my workouts and my meals. If you feel like you are just surviving and weeks are flying by, you may need to slow down too.

The HUSTLE…it drains our spirit, energy and focus.
We are passionate about what we do, we want to specialize in everything fitness, we say yes to everything for fear of missed opportunity. We KEEP UP and we spread joy and inspiration along the way but do we move forward? Moving forward towards our goal…hmm did we stop to set one or two?

This will require us to stop trying to do everything. Decide what is important to keep us streamlined to the end result…the ultimate goal. It’s the place where we feel like our years of dedication, knowledge and expertise has led us; where we deserve to be.

I will commit my mind and body to these 6 things daily to become an expert in my field:

1. Take consistent action on things others are not willing to do.
2. Be humble and constantly develop
3. Be better than I am today – show up early with my best self with confidence and readiness.
4. Be consistent to keep my momentum going – share inspiration but workout for myself too!
5. Be relentless and step outside my comfort zone!
6. Feel no guilt in a coffee break daily to revisit my plan and enjoy what I have accomplished??

Share your commitments if you dare to be relentless.