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Personal Coaching, Classes and Nutrition

6 Week Live-Stream Guided Strength Training Program

Guided strength training programming with the support of Certified Personal Trainers and our fitness family.  Gain confidence and execute exercise with proper form and mindful connection under the guidance of Certified Fitness Professionals.  Live-Stream (camera on) workouts allow us to COACH and modify for a personalized training experience.


When is it?

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30AM 
  • 40-minute sessions
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
What is included?
  •  LIVE online classes Tuesday and Thursday
  • Video recordings of our workouts
  • Access to 100+ videos in library
  • Nutrition chat support with RHN
  • Accountability within class reminders 
  • Ongoing Coach checkins
  • Private Facebook community access

Our Story

An idea, a passion and a brand

Fitness Junky has been growing its community since 2005 starting its humble beginnings at Durham Women’s Fitness in Whitby. It began with an IDEA, A PASSION and a BRAND for a small retail store. Although the store and studio closed during the recession of 2008, Stephanie Medford vowed to keep this community moving through education offered via Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc. (canfitpro) for Personal Trainers and Fitness instructors. In more recent years, as Master Trainer for SoulBody™Fitness, Stephanie has been sharing her love of dance influenced and barefoot strength workouts with a global community.  Recently recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Female Fitness Health Leaders 2021!

Stephanie and her team are honoured to serve a commUNITY of fitness junkys and enthusiasts via Virtual classes and Fit Pro Mentorship.  Our team welcomes you to a community of Fitness Junkys💙

Are live virtual classes impersonal? Just the opposite, according to Stephanie. She finds that running her studio online allows her the time and space to connect with her crew in a way that feels even more intimate than in-person classes. The feeling of comfort that her clients get from working out at home – and the option to turn their cameras off until they are ready – lets them find joy in movement and be themselves. That’s what this former dancer is all about. Good Moves is sponsored by Punchpass. Visit to learn more about our simple fitness booking software.


0:00 Introduction to Stephanie

1:27 Live certification training to launching a virtual studio

2:58 Class community

4:14 Bringing instructors on board

5:05 Where does your drive come from?

7:10 Building a virtual community

9:40 Rolling with the punches

11:02 The 500 Squat Challenge

13:20 Barefoot workouts

16:07 Can’t Dance? Let’s Dance

20:24 Movement and mental health

23:29 Class and content variety

27:42 Virtual is here to stay

31:45 Encouragement for large classes, coaching in small groups

34:31 Appointments for privates and small groups

35:34 Constantly evolving

37:45 Work/Life balance

Stephanie Medford Fitness Junky

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