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Mom is Motivation

As I ponder Mother’s Day this weekend, I remember that…
The biggest factor in consistency is motivation. Every one can use some more motivation, whether it is verbal, visual or emotional. Although we all need motivation, we all thrive from different types of motivation. Some people will work best if there is some competition with their peers, if they are joined by a friend or family member and some will work best if given rewards to maintain their focus. Motivation is different for everyone. As all inspiring fitness leaders we want to motivate the world to move.

10 years ago I chose to focus on mom. She needed guidance and I was 3 hours away so I made the call to her gym, spoke to the Personal Training department and purchased mom Personal Training sessions. 10 years later, mom attends the gym every other day working out with the same trainer once a week. She prides herself on looking and feeling great as you would never guess my mom is turning 70 this year! It’s true….fitness keeps you young, strong, confident and vibrant!

This photo is of my mom, my sister and I enjoying a summer’s day in beautiful Port Stanley☀ Mom is our inspiration.