Ready to offer virtual classes but not sure how to get started? The founder of Fitness Junky and Director of Training & Development for SoulBody in Canada, walks you through the basics of creating an online experience! Stephanie Medford provides best practices and tips from her own experience in developing and providing online virtual teacher training and fitness classes using the Zoom platform for video conferencing. This 90-minute session explores sound share, audio, video, and visual set up, meeting invite creation with and without a website. Stephanie will provide you with a cost-effective way to get started on minimal equipment but also prioritize your upgrade as you start to make money online. Determine your best option in terms of music selection and understand how music licensing plays a role. Understand how to protect yourself as Stephanie discusses the importance of Liability Insurance and how to get it. Q&A opportunity is available at the end of the session to ensure you have all your questions answered and are ready to go live!

LIVE virtual webinars are available now for fitness professionals looking to get support in getting started online. One-on-one coaching, canfitpro exam practical and theory exam preparation appointments available by request.