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Our squad believes Group Fitness is everything!

SoulBody Fitness is future-proofing Group Fitness by providing classes that are keeping members engaged and returning for more. These programs yield a high average class capacity for clubs that currently offer SoulBody and they include progressive formats in Barre, Yoga Sculpt and HIIT. New classes and programs that are fresh, fun and relevant create excitement, bring members back to the club and get them engaged. SoulBody’s classes can be taught in person and also added to virtual content. Within over 300 clubs worldwide, SoulBody Fitness has built a solid reputation in the fitness industry with a perfect win-win solution for clubs with easy implementation and almost no cost! These programs are license-FREE and are keeping clubs and studios ahead of the curve. The choreographed format brings consistency allowing members to always know what to expect and instructors to feel confident in delivering a seamless class -LIVE or VIRTUALLY!